Trustees Update


Here is a summary of the update given at our recent Spring Fayre.

The presentation opened with Mr Harold Jempson giving a brief overview of the progress made since the Charity was formed in 2010 until now.

He was followed by the architect, Mr Malcolm Cassam of Cassam Associates. He advised that the local Planning Authority have indicated that planning permission for the tenth apartment will now be granted, subject to final agreement on financial contributions towards their Social Housing Schemes. The final negotiations with the planners are currently taking place.

Our original plans were for nine apartments, but these amended plans give us one extra apartment and mean that some of the apartments will be larger in size. We will now be working hard to draw up detailed plans, obtain tenders for the building work and liasing with our solicitors in drawing up the legal documents and sales packs.

Mr Cassam advised that the pre-construction stage as outlined above would take in the region of 6 months, after which we would hope (G.W.) to commence the building work.  The construction of the whole scheme from start to finish will be around 12 months.

Mr Stephen Jempson then stated that we are now in a position to finalise prices and service charges for the apartments and these will be announced as soon as possible. He pointed out that market values of similar schemes have been obtained to use as a benchmark. However, it was stressed that the Charity is not in the business of making large profits on the scheme, so it is envisaged that the apartment prices will be considerably less than similar apartments in the area, in order to make them more affordable to prospective clients.

If you would like a brochure of Strawberry Hill House, or to register an interest (without obligation) in buying/renting an apartment, or would like to receive further information on the project as it progresses, please let us know by using our contact form. All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Trustees.